Thevo Twist

The Thevo Twist is an innovative multi adjustable dynamic special seating system, available in two sizes, that provides stability and support whilst enabling the child to experience an increased amount of movement and flexibility. The unique inbuilt suspension system reacts to the individual child’s movements helping to develop their sensory perception. The flexible/ dynamic back allows the child to extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then recover into the desired seating position.

The seat can be adjusted in multiple ways to suit your disabled child’s needs. The backrest is both height and angle adjustable, and the tilt-in-space facility on the EASyS chassis enables the seat to be reclined up to 45°. Should you wish, the seat can also be reversed into a rearward facing position allowing for greater interaction. Whilst in a rearward position the Thevo Twist can be reclined by up to 15°. The pivot points for the hip and knee angle adjustments are positioned at the natural motion point of the child’s knee and hip, thereby enabling the postural supports to remain in the correct position at all times.

The innovative design comprises a back column with a series of flexible fibreglass tracks. These in turn consist of wing suspensions, spring elements, and spring movement limiters. The components work together to enable the disabled child increased mobility whilst maintaining support and comfort. The spring elements can be altered both in depth and in angle, and the spring movement limiters can be adjusted to restrict movement of the fibreglass track at any point to suit the individual needs of your child.

There are various accessories available depending on the support that your child requires. As well as standard Lateral Supports, with or without a chest belt, there are also Lateral Impulse Generators. These consist of a wing suspension as used in the back rest to provide micro-stimulation® to your child, thereby increasing their sensory perception whilst providing a greater degree of support. They can be heightened or lowered in 15mm intervals.

Should additional trunk support be needed, it is possible to replace up to three of the flexible fibreglass tracks with moldable aluminium lathes. These can be moulded to make the seat more like a seat shell, but with the option of removing them and placing them in different positions, this offers far more adaptability than a regular seat shell. They also have wing suspensions on each end to provide stimulation using impulses from the child’s movements.

The chassis is made of lightweight aluminium and can be easily folded for storage. The seat unit is also foldable to optimize storage space. The breathable cover can be easily removed and is machine washable.

The Thevo Twist has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI/RESNA WC/vol.1 section 19 and therefore ensures safe transportation of the child in specially adapted vehicles. An additional safety feature of the Thevo Twist is reflectors integrated into the upholstery to provide good visibility in poor light.

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