The tRide is an easy-to-operate special needs pushchair designed to suit your disabled child’s seating needs, whilst having the appearance of a modern mainstream pushchair.

The pushchair offers easy adjustment in seat depth and width from underneath the seat, as well as independent shoulder and head height adjustment without the need for tools. The hip guides double as armrests and are both width and height adjustable to grow with your child and still maintain the required level of support.

The tRide offers both a back recline and Tilt-in-Space facility, enabling the seat to be placed in various positions; with Tilt from -10 to +35 degrees and back recline from 90 to 140 degrees. The height and angle adjustable footrest can be flipped up to allow better access for standing or assisted transfers.

The compact, multi adjustable headrest with its aesthetically pleasing design offers exceptional head positioning.

The Central Release lever located on the headrest bracket serves a dual purpose, allowing you to carefully control the speed and Tilt in Space position of the seat and also making it quick and easy to remove the seat unit from the chassis, For added safety, once the chair has been set to the desired position, the seat will automatically lock into position.

As standard, the pushchair comes complete with a shopping basket intended to hold lightweight items and an attractive Sun/Raincover. A wide range of accessories and supports enable the pushchair to be adapted to your disabled child’s specific postural requirements and everyday needs.

The seat covers are manufactured from a breathable and fast drying fabric which is designed to ensure the occupant remains as comfortable as possible, whatever the temperature. All covers are quick and easy to remove for washing.

At present the tRide is available in a choice of three colour combinations, black/grey, green/grey or pink/grey.

The tRide has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI/RESNA WC/vol.1 section 19 6/22/99 draft thereby ensuring safe transportation of the child in specially adapted vehicles.

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