Tilt & Fold Gas Strut Wheelchair

The Tilt & Fold Gas Strut Wheelchair is a unique multi positional wheelchair that has been especially designed for those who require a Tilt in Space facility. The dual gas struts, which are operated by a lever on the push handle, can be easily adjusted into a wide range of positions, providing varying angles of comfort for the occupant's needs. The Tilt & Fold is available in two seat widths, 380mm (15") and 430mm (17"), and various seat depths.

The Tilt & Fold is supplied with height adjustable footrests and it can also be fitted with extra long and angle adjustable footrest stems to ensure that all requirements can be met.

As standard the Tilt & Fold is supplied with 250mm (10") high outrigged armrests which are removable for ease of transfer. The armrests are available in extended heights and widths to offer a greater variance of seat width and improved comfort for the occupant. With its adjustable and reversible, push handles the comfort and convenience of the attendant has also been taken into consideration.

The 2 in 1 frame support of the Tilt & Fold gives this wheelchair strength, stability and rigidity over uneven surfaces, yet it handles manoeuvres easily, making every day life that little bit easier.

The Tilt & Fold Gas Strut Wheelchair has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and therefore ensures safe transportation of the occupant in specially adapted vehicles. The wheelchair has been tested in both an upright and mid recline position. Transportation in mid recline will enable the occupant to travel in a safe and comfortable position. As far as we are aware the Tilt & Fold Gas Strut Wheelbase along with the Mini Tilt Wheelchair/wheelbase are the only Tilt in space wheelchairs that can currently be transported in any sort of recline position!

One of the many features of this wheelchair is its ability to be folded to a very compact and liftable size therefore making it ideal for transporting in the luggage compartment of vehicles, where it takes up minimal space, leaving room for other essentials.

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