Spencer in a Swifty Pushchair

The Swifty is an innovative, high-quality special needs pushchair designed to offer your child a supportive seat, whilst retaining all the attributes parents want from high-street pushchairs. As such, the Swifty is both modern and sleek in appearance yet lightweight and easy-to-fold.

The Swifty is an all-in-one folding buggy which folds compactly and so can be easily stored when not in use.

The Swifty has fixed tilt in space facility of 15 degrees and a range of back recline from 90 – 115 degrees which allows the seat to be adjusted to a variety of positions. Back recline offers a multitude of benefits both for your child but also for you. In particular back recline is ideal for children who have hip displacement; difficulty breathing; cannot stay in the same position for long durations; and become weary so need to be reclined into a comfortable position to rest or nap. Back recline also helps make your life a little easier, in particular, when performing health or hygiene tasks such as nappy-changing.

The Swifty has a fully adjustable seat depth, multi-positional footrest and adjustable harness to enable the buggy to adapt to your child’s changing needs. Like all our buggies, your needs are also considered. As such, the Swifty comes, as standard, with height-adjustable push handles to ensure your utmost comfort and convenience. In addition, its covers are easily-removable, machine-washable and quick-drying. What’s more its high quality wheels and castors ensure that this versatile pushchair can be effortlessly manoeuvred around town.

We understand that each child and their family have their own specific needs; therefore, a multitude of postural and everyday accessories are available to customise this pushchair to your own unique requirements. The full range of accessories can be viewed by clicking here.

The Swifty has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI/RESNA WC/vol.1 section 19 6/22/99 draft which ensures the safe transportation of the child in specially adapted vehicles.

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Swifty 2

Designed with the Swifty as its inspiration, and thus named the Swifty 2, this buggy has been designed with larger children (up to 50kg) in mind. The Swifty 2 retains many of the features loved on the Swifty (such as back recline, an all-in-one-fold, crash-tested for use in wheelchair-adapted vehicles) but with a primary focus of offering larger children an alternative to a wheelchair.

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