Special Seating Seat Frame & Buggy

The Special Seating Seat frame is designed to provide a platform for mounting a wide range of special seating systems. One such system is our own Modular Seating System.

Special Seating Systems provide comfort and support for disabled children and adults with significant postural deformities and disabilities. The Tendercare Special Seating Seat Frame and wheelbase have been used successfully for many years with a wide range of different manufacturers seating systems and moulded seat inserts and is suited for either disabled children or adults. As all children and adults are individual we hesitate in recommending ages for our products and would refer you to the size and weight recommendations.

The Wheelbase is of lightweight but rugged construction and this makes it suitable for daily use. The wheelbase has two fixed wheels at the rear mounted on spring suspension and two front swivelling castor wheels for easy steering. To further enhance the comfort factor for the occupant the Spring suspension is available in 2 strengths, either hard for rough terrain or soft which is more suited for pavement use. The wheelbase is available in two sizes Nursery/Junior and Senior and these will accommodate our two sizes of seat frames.

The Seat Frames, which have tilt in space adjustment, provide a simple and secure system for the mounting of a wide range of special seating systems. The angle of the seat frame (Tilt in Space) can be infinitely adjusted throughout its range. Both seat frames can be quickly and easily mounted onto the Wheelbases in order to provide mobility. For indoor use the Seat frame can be quickly and easily transferred from it’s outdoor wheelbase to it’s own specially designed indoor base.

The wheelbase and seat frame assembly when fitted to Tendercares Snugseat and Modular Seating System have been successfully impact tested against International Standard ISO7176-19 and may be used as a vehicle seat.

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