Snappi® Cloud® Pushchair
Jake in a Snappi Cloud Pushchair

The Snappi Cloud is the next step in design innovation from Tendercare Ltd. Its pioneering oval frame has been specifically designed and manufactured for the special needs market. Consequently, this ensures you receive a cutting-edge design without having to compromise on durability; the Snappi Cloud is a buggy built to last.

With the Snappi Cloud, gone are all preconceived notions about the appearance of special needs buggies. This is a buggy which mirrors high-street luxury; a buggy you can show off; a buggy designed to embrace both functionality and design. However, it wouldn’t be a Tendercare buggy if it didn’t have an abundance of features and postural aids designed to both ensure the utmost comfort and support for your little one and to make your life that bit easier too.

The Snappi Cloud offers an exceptionally high level of seat tilt between 0 and 40° (size 1) and 0 and 45° (size 2). Tilt in space is when the entire seat moves whilst the back and the seat angle remain the same. Tilt in space offers a wide variety of clinical and physiological benefits including improving posture, aiding head control, pressure redistribution, correcting kyphotic postures and improving consumption, digestion and elimination. The unique tilt in space facility is easily operated by a finger lever, mounted on the push handles. There are no fixed positions for this tilt facility; rather, the occupant can be positioned at any angle within this range. The tilt in space mechanism is controlled by a slow-release gas strut which ensures both the comfort and safety of the child.

The Snappi Cloud has been specially designed to offer an extensive range of growth to cater for your child’s growing needs; for example, a standard size 1 buggy has a height adjustable backrest that offers up to 200mm of growth and a seat depth and hip width which are adjustable by up to 100mm. Even more growth can be achieved by fitting a minimiser kit to a size 1 buggy; this ensure perfect postural support for even the smallest child. The full range of growth, for each size, can be seen on our technical page or by clicking here. As well as offering a high-level of growth, the backrest reclines independently, by means of an easy-to-operate gas strut, and can be positioned at any point between its 90 to 140° range of recline. If necessary, the Snappi Cloud can be fitted with a dynamic backrest and footrest. This allows the child to extend and push back against a relatively light resistance and then be able to recover into the desired seating position.

Height adjustable push handles are fitted as standard to ensure the comfort and convenience of the attendant. The Snappi Cloud uses only the highest quality wheels and swivelling front castors to ensure effortless manoeuvrability. Please note both a hub brake option and front locking castor option are also available. Hub brakes are particularly useful for families who live in hilly areas. Front locking castors are handy for those who venture onto irregular surfaces; you simply activate the front locking mechanism which will help prevent the wheels from spinning on these uneven surfaces. When done, simply deactivate to reengage the swivel movement and return to effortless, everyday manoeuvrability.

Additional postural and everyday accessories are available for the Snappi Cloud to ensure each child’s individual needs are met. In addition, the Snappi Cloud has a maximum carrying weight of 55kg which includes the occupant and all accessories. This exceptionally high weight capacity ensures children who need to carry a lot of medical equipment are not denied a stylish buggy. Our full range of accessories can be viewed by clicking here.. As large and varied as our range of postural accessories is, we understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf accessory just isn’t the best option which is why, as both the designer and manufacturer of the Cloud and its accessories, we can create custom accessories to suit any need. This includes such items as be pressure-relief foam covers, unique headrest shapes, extended laterals etc. – the possibilities really are endless!

The Snappi Cloud can be configured in either a forward (i.e. world facing) or rearward (i.e. parent-facing) position. If you need a buggy which can be rotated from forward to rearward on a daily basis, please see the Swirl buggy which you can view by clicking here.

The Snappi cloud uses the proven and ever-popular Snappi seat; whereas the Snappi pushchair uses the Snappi chassis, the Snappi cloud will use the Cloud chassis. Tendercare products are designed to be interchangeable and so the Swirl, Snappi, Snugseat and Modular seats all use the same interface and so, should the needs of a client change, you can simply swap the various seats and chassis without the need for any parts. It really is that simple.

The Snappi Cloud pushchair (forward facing models only) has been successfully crash tested according to ISO7176/19, ensuring safe transportation of the occupant in specially-adapted vehicles. The Snappi Cloud has been crash-tested in both a 90° and tilt-in-space position ensuring the needs of the child aren't compromised during transportation.

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