Snappi® Wheelbase and Interface
different seats in chassis

The Snappi wheelbase and interface is a hugely versatile chassis designed to accommodate an extensive range of seating systems including our own Snappi, Modular and Snugseat seats as well as modular seats from other companies e.g. the CapsII or MiniCAPS. This ensures you achieve the perfect postural seating position whilst retaining both the practical and visual benefits of a buggy.

The Snappi wheelbase is quick, easy and compact to fold. It is manufactured from high-grade aluminium in order to combine strength and durability with an attractive, lightweight design. Height adjustable push handles are fitted as standard to ensure the comfort and convenience of the attendant. The Snappi uses only the highest quality wheels and castors to ensure this wheelbase is easily manoeuvred around town. Hub brake and pneumatic options are also available.

The unique tilt in space facility is easily operated by a finger lever, mounted on the push handles, and offers an exceptionally high level of seat tilt between 0 and 40 degrees. There are no fixed positions for the tilt in space facility; rather, the occupant can be positioned at any angle within this 40 degrees range. The tilt in space mechanism is controlled by a slow-release gas strut which ensures both the comfort and safety of the child at all times.

The Snappi chassis can be configured in either a forward (world-facing) position or in a rearward (parent-facing) position depending upon both your and your child's needs. If you need to regularly turn the buggy from forward to rearward, we would recommend looking at the Swirl chassis as this buggy can be easily rotated with the child sitting in the buggy.

All new Snappis now come as standard with our new style pin lock brake. This new brake mechanism is not only quieter to operate but also allows for a less strenuous movement to engage the brake. This exciting development manages to combine the stability and security of our previous mechanism with enhanced usability.

The quick-release interface allows the seats to be mounted upon, and removed from, the chassis with ease. The Snappi interface incorporates increased safety features, which include an innovative spring loaded catch to prevent little brothers, sisters or other children from fiddling with the release lever and accidentally releasing the interface - a point which can often be overlooked. The interface has hard-wearing stainless steel mounting points to prevent wear and a further safety mechanism to ensure the seat can only be put on the chassis correctly.

The wheelbase is available in two sizes. The size 1 Snappi is designed to accommodate the smaller size special seating systems, for example the Nursery Snugseat, size 1 Modular, Snappi size 1. The Size 2 Snappi is designed to accommodate the medium size special seating systems, including the Junior Snugseat, size 2 Modular and size 2 snappi seat.

If you wish to use the Snappi wheelbase in conjunction with the CapsII or MiniCAPS Seating system then you should only interface using the passive locking interface which is available from Active Design. A joint compatibility statement is available here.

The Snappi wheelbase and interface have been successfully crash tested according to ISO7176/19 with the Snappi Pushchair seating system, Snappi Snugseat, Modular Seating System and the Leckey Squiggles and Mygo ensuring safe transportation of the occupant in specially-adapted vehicles.

You can download the manual or sales brochure here.