Modular Seating System Measurements

The below sizes are for the standard 'Off the Shelf' Modular Seating Systems. Bespoke Modular Seating Systems are available and are manufactured to client specific starting measurements. All sizes and weights are given as a guide. Tendercare Ltd reserves the right to amend specifications at any time as part of their product development program.

Off The Shelf Specifications (bespoke sizing available)

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Hip Width 190-330mm 230-390mm 280-440mm
Thigh Length 250-325mm 315-390mm 420-495mm
Seat to Top of Shoulder 350-425mm 410-485mm 490-565mm
Trunk Width 160-290mm 180-305mm 230-320mm

Height (mm)

Depth (mm)

Width (mm)

Angle (Deg)

Multi Positional Adjustable Headrest0 to 310-200 to 28030mm left / right> +/- 80 degrees vertical
+/- 10 degrees horizontal
Fixed Headrest0 to 2800 to 50--
Laterals0 to 2000 to 600 to 60 left,
0 to 60 right
Pommel-0 to 60--
Knee Blocks-0 to 60--
Single Stem FootrestLeg Drop
120 to 500
0 to 120--
Indepedent Angle Adjustable FootrestsLeg Drop
120 to 500 each side
0 to 120 each side 0 to 120 left,
0 to 120 right
+/- 80 degrees each side