“Kinetic Balance means comfort,
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Importance of Correct Harnessing

The importance of correct harnessing should not be underestimated; without it, the client’s pre-existing conditions could worsen and new disorders could develop. Proper harnessing is imperative to both aid normal growth and development and for the occupant’s own (and others) safety.

Why Kinetic Balance?

Kinetic Balance harnessing was founded in 2009 as a collaboration between sports and rehabilitation professionals. They created a range of harnessing which combined their knowledge of individual seating solutions with the latest technology in sports and water sports. It is this innovative approach which makes their harnessing so unique.

Ankle Positioning Cuffs - with either hook & loop or buckle fastening

  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Features
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  • Sizing
  • Assessment Form
  • Washing/Care

benefits of ankle harnessCovered clamps (KB original). This offers a multitude of benefits including enhanced safety by inhibiting the occupant from unclipping themselves; less dirt and debris from entering the buckle; more comfortable by stopping the harsh buckle from rubbing skin; and a less clinical, more attractive appearance.
ankle cuff featuresManufactured from CR grade neoprene which is the highest quality, most waterproof style of neoprene. This ensures the harness is both water and dirt repellent but also highly comfortable.
ankle harness fixingsMulti pack of fixings to allow fitting to various chairs and applications.
anti slip ankle harnessGrip material to help prevent slipping.
kinetic balance ankle harnessNumbered fixing straps to ensure the harness is fitted symmetrically and consistently correct.
washing instructions ankle harnessPrinted cleaning and washing instructions. CE marking in compliance with Directive 93/42/EEG on Medical Devices.
size of ankle harnessPrinted sizing to avoid confusion.

The main objectives of ankle cuffs are to keep the legs at the correct angle and to help control movement e.g. when the client is in spasm. KB ankle cuffs have been specifically designed to provide the right amount of pressure whilst still maintaining high levels of comfort.

Hand-wash at a maximum of 30°C. Do not tumble-dry. Check the product for wear on the webbing, belts and padded parts on a weekly basis. Check the level of attachment and tension of the webbing daily.