Co-Pilot Car Seat
copilot special needs car seat

The Co-Pilot car seat (pictured in black and green but available in 5 colours, see Material Choice And Washing)) has been designed to combine early seating-intervention with the comfort, style and ease of use you expect from a car seat. Most special needs car seats have a minimum weight capacity of 9kg; however, the Co-Pilot can be used from birth.

When children weigh less than 10kg (class 0) they must be rearward facing and then from 9kg – 18kg (class 1), they then need to be forward-facing. Normally at this point you would need to purchase a new car seat but not with the Co-Pilot! This car seat has been designed for longevity and so can be easily turned from rearward to forward facing once their weight surpasses 9kg.

Once forward-facing, there are three different seating positions of 0° / 10° / 20° meaning your little one can be comfortable and supported whatever the situation requires.

In terms of postural support, the Co-Pilot is supplied with an easy-to-adjust 5 point harness, a padded headrest, pommel/abduction block, padded hip supports and a padded crotch pad. Should your little one require extra support, padded laterals in either a colour-coordinating or even colour-clashing style are available.

The Co-Pilot has been successfully crash tested to ECE R44-04.

To download either the Co-Pilot user manuals or to view the sales brochure, please click here.